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Are you prepared for what’s to come? Evaluate your company’s security posture with Colume compliance, privacy and risk assessment services.
A data breach can devastate a business. The average cost alone is staggering: USD3.9 million per breach. And the financial impact goes far beyond the fees and fines. A data breach can destroy long-term relationships you’ve spent years working to build. That’s why Payment Card Industry (PCI) is just the baseline. You need to understand your company’s full security profile—and address your vulnerabilities—to protect your future success.
Colume can help you safeguard your business relationships by assessing your compliance maturity and showcasing security strengths and weaknesses. Our experience, methodology and technology will keep your operations running smoothly while we find ways to keep your sensitive data more secure.
Enterprise Compliance & Risk: Why
Colume is the leader in PCI consulting and compliance validation services. We have more experience managing small, midsize and large complex assessments than any other Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Company. Our experts can help you measure your compliance maturity and create a strategy to strengthen your security. Pulling from best practices across sectors, we can help identify areas where your teams are stretched thin, as well as where your business might be overinvested. And our ongoing security reviews will help you maintain the policies and programs you’ve defined so that you can defend against cyber-attacks as the threat landscape evolves.
Our technology helps minimize the time your team spends managing PCI compliance. Colume’s cloud-based application, Colume Compliance Manager, streamlines workflows and communication with our team, which lets your staff focus on managing and growing your business.
Bottom line is that our assessment processes and technologies reduce your total cost of ownership and lessen the amount of time your internal staff spend on compliance.
Payment Card Industry Compliance Services
Being a good steward of sensitive data starts with learning what you don’t know. Your company may have personal information that has been lost or forgotten—or employees whose habits are putting data at risk. Colume’s comprehensive assessments shine a light on potential issues by following data flows, evaluating your company’s operational environment, processes and documentation, and considering the third-party partners that have access to personal data. Using this information, we will help you create a structured plan to prioritize key risks, incorporate privacy-by-design into the planning process, and drive continual improvement of your compliance and data protection programs.
Risk Assessment Services
Colume Risk Assessment Services give you the information you need to make better business decisions. Our experts take the time to understand your organization’s strategic objectives and identify the key risks that could impact its progress. Our risk assessments will help you develop effective growth strategies, improve processes and policies, and sidestep pitfalls on the path to success.
Data Privacy Services
Colume Data Privacy Services help your organization protect sensitive data and personal information, maintain secure operations, and address privacy laws and regulation. Our experts can assess your compliance with several key privacy regulations, including:
Our consultants can develop a customized action plan that will make your company a better steward of your company’s and your customer’s private data. We’ll map data as it moves through your organization to identify where it’s most vulnerable—then outline best practices to help you fill the gaps. And we can help your organization adopt a privacy program or framework to support data subject rights and comply with data privacy regulation.
Compliance Management
Colume Compliance Manager provides a centralized dashboard for ongoing compliance management. It lets your team securely collect and store evidence, conduct and manage assessment activities, and track the compliance process.
Compliance Manager is also a task management system that highlights team requests and key action items, and provides a schedule for the assessment.
Its dashboard, timeline and custom presentation features give you a clear understanding of where you are in the assessment process, highlights what you need to do and shows when your report will be delivered—so you can complete the compliance process with minimal disruption to your business.
Here’s what we’re hearing from our customers:
“Working with our Colume consultant has truly been a pleasure. He has been outstanding. From the short time he has worked with us he has exhibited a deep foundation of expertise and a near infinite well of patience. His analysis, insights, and expert opinion has already uncovered significant gaps and allowed us to gain visibility on previously unobserved deviations from the PCI-DSS that are critical for us to address. He has been the definition of a true PCI expert and understands the DSS control set to the deepest degree possible.”

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