Web Risk Monitoring

Protect your business from illegal online marketing and sales with cloud-based URL monitoring services that save time and reduce risk.
Monitoring everything your merchants’ market and/or sell online is a monumental task. Staying up-to-date on their inventory can demand hours of your team’s time—and there’s still a chance illegal inventory could slip through the cracks.
Colume Web Risk Monitoring helps you ensure everything your merchants market and/or sell is in line with local laws and regulations as well as card brand requirements such as MasterCard’s Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) and Visa’s Global Brand Protection Program — and keeps you informed as those rules change. Our cloud-based, managed service reduces your risk of having to pay fines and increased fees associated with illegal marketing and sales.
Reporting and monitoring on these risks is quick and easy with Colume’s cloud-based tool, Colume™ Web Risk Monitoring. It presents results in a clear, customizable dashboard that showcases key issues and offers valuable insights on merchant activity, including statistical reviews, drill-downs and hierarchical views. Plus, our web risk monitoring solutions can be implemented independently or as a suite, offering 360° risk mitigation to help identify threats and protect your business in an increasingly volatile landscape.
Web Risk Monitoring: How to Hit the Moving Target of Card Brand Compliance
Content Monitoring
The Content Monitoring service uses both automation and expert analysis to help you head off card brand violating or illegal activity. It monitors merchant websites to ensure their inventory is in compliance with key industry requirements, such as Mastercard Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM). It crawls each merchant website and scans for prohibited merchandise, including prescription pharmaceuticals, weapons, products that violate intellectual property, and obscene content. Our team of expert auditors then reviews and analyzes those findings to distinguish true violations from false positives, so that your team doesn’t have to waste time combing through irrelevant results. Content Monitoring also provides valuable mitigation against costly fines and fee assessments from the card brands in the event that violating activity is discovered.
Malware Monitoring
Malware Monitoring conducts a monthly scan of your merchants to verify that all your merchants’ websites are free from malware and malicious web content. Malware monitoring also provides a Merchant Malware report that you can pass along to your merchants as an additional product or a value-add service.
All of this information is consolidated and presented in a merchant scorecard that presents the information collected in an easy to understand format that highlights high areas of risk and potential vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.
Custom Monitoring
Custom Monitoring lets you set your own parameters for what your merchants are allowed to sell online. In addition to monitoring their inventories for illegal and card brand violating merchandise, we can also identify sellers who are offering items that you don’t want associated with your business. From counterfeit materials to adult content to defective goods, we can build a custom filter that will help you identify any merchant selling merchandise you want to keep out of your portfolio.
Merchant Intelligence
Merchant Intelligence gives you a more complete view of your merchants’ online presence. It validates merchant information to ensure information provided during onboarding matches their online presence, identifies any websites associated with their business and highlights risks related to their third-party relationships. It also checks that the merchant’s assigned category code (MCC) matches the true nature of their business—which helps you understand and manage your costs and risks as well as avoid costly fines from regulators.
To keep you informed about your merchants’ activity over time, Merchant Intelligence also monitors their published policies, including privacy policies, return policies, shipping policies and terms of service. This helps you spot new risks as they materialize—and keep your merchants in compliance.
Merchant Intelligence will also analyze the technology stack used on your merchant’s websites. This identifies vulnerable and legacy technology that may represent a risk of card data compromise due to end of life or unpatched software. Plus, it provides IP analysis to confirm a merchant’s physical address and identify any additional websites tied to the same IP address.
Transaction Laundering Detection
Transaction Laundering Detection will help you identify merchants that may be using their legitimate businesses to launder illegal online sales. Colume provides scalable and reliable identification and reporting services to shine light on any unknown, illicit websites that could be associated with your merchants—and verifies all findings with an expert auditor before passing results on to you.

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