Programs for Acquirers, Processors and ISOs

Cultivate customer loyalty—and drive business growth—by making PCI compliance and security easier for your merchants.
In the merchant services marketplace, competition is fierce. Credit card processors and acquirers must work hard to win over new customers—and deliver meaningful results to keep them.
Partnering with Colume helps you better serve your merchants—and foster customer loyalty—by offering products and services that take the pain out of data security and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. It helps you eliminate the frustration your customers feel when they’re charged unexpected fines and fees and decreases customer turnover.
Colume’s premium services add real value by reducing your customers’ risk of a data breach that could expose your business to fraud costs, fines and other expenses. Our cloud-based application, Colume™ PCI Manager, funnels our expertise into an easy-to-use tool, which boosts their security while reducing the time they have to spend on required compliance tasks. Our team of experts is also available 24/7, which helps make your programs more cost-efficient. Plus, the strategic guidance, marketing support and compliance intelligence we provide gives you the intel you need to make informed decisions and reach your business goals.
Intuitive Technology
Your merchants are stretched thin. They’re short on time and they want simple solutions that help protect their success. That’s why PCI Manager is designed with convenience in mind. It cuts out the jargon and guides merchants through the entire compliance process from their desktop computers or mobile devices. Plus, merchants can seamlessly enter the portal from your platform using a single sign-on.
PCI Manager’s modern user interface asks merchants simple questions and uses their responses to fill in the PCI questionnaire—removing a huge hurdle to compliance. It also offers Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) vulnerability scanning, merchant training and Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) Express Renewal so that your merchants can easily maintain security and compliance all year long.
If a merchant has underlying issues that need to be addressed, the PCI Dashboard offers visual cues and a straightforward to-do list to help merchants correct their deficiencies. Additional features, including unauthorized network device, file integrity and malware monitors, save your customers time and increase security by automating processes and identifying priority risks.
PCI Concierge – Premier Customer Support
Compliance is complicated. And every customer support call takes your team away from tasks that could be helping to grow your business. Our customer support team is powered by the most experienced compliance experts in the field, who are available to field your merchant’s questions 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.
Colume experts offer one-on-one assistance in human language—not technical jargon—via chat messages, emails and phone calls, in five different languages. They can translate PCI compliance requirements and offer ongoing assistance with compliance maintenance, including sharing information around educational resources, reusable templates and additional solutions.
Streamlined Integration
Colume’s program is designed to keep you in the driver seat—and eliminate any disruption to your business as we bring you and your merchants on board. Our experts will review your business and make strategic recommendations for a customized compliance management program.
You have the flexibility to use your existing systems or to design a branded program that we administrate. We also make it easy to transfer your historical data, so that we can seamlessly become your system of record. Regardless of what approach you choose, we make the adoption process painless for your merchants, and offer implementations that require less training, hand holding and support from your team.
PCI Manager also helps streamline your operations by automating aspects of merchant onboarding and reporting, freeing up your team to focus on the high-value work, such as upsells and conversions, that will help you grow your business.

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