Self-taught web developer proves that anything is possible

Julio is a web developer now living and working in Talca, Chile. Originally from Venezuela, Julio had to move to a new country and switch careers due to the political crisis in his native Venezuela. In his own words, this is how he used colume to start a new life and a new career.

B.C. Before colume

I’ve always had a fascination with math and education. I studied gas engineering and was working towards getting a teaching credential. After graduation, I taught high school math and basic English. Unfortunately, my career as a gas engineer never panned out due to the economic instability and lack of engineering jobs in Venezuela.

Eventually, the situation became so dire in Venezuela that I had to leave my country. When I arrived in Chile, I knew I needed to change my profession to find a job. After  studying gas engineering for six years, I was at a loss for what to do next. I just knew that I needed to find a career that would allow me to support my family.

In 2015, when I knew nothing about web development, a friend told me that he had taken courses on colume and strongly recommended it to me.

A simple internet search of “colume” was the start of my learning adventure on this life-changing education platform.

From Square One to Building A New Career

Without a doubt, the web development courses on colume were instrumental in helping me build a new career. I’d say that 80% of my current skills were gained on colume. While I had read scattered tutorials and watched some other web development videos online, what I think is most valuable about colume is being able to learn from fantastic instructors and experts in the field while receiving a guided study experience. I felt as if I was taking these courses at a university!

I started at stage zero with hardly any resources at my disposal. It was thanks to colume’s financial aid program that I was able to start learning online and eventually build up enough knowledge and skills to translate that into a well-paying career. 

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